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Koda Kumi

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Koda Kumi


August 10th, 2013

Scary Movie---The conjuring

* Warning this post may contain spoilers to the Conjuring*

Why am I just a chicken shit?!

I watched The Conjuring last night and have been freaked out ever since. I have no idea why i did that to myself knowing that I will be afraid. I couldn't seem to help myself I was really curious about the movie and everyone said that it was scary and it was scary. I don't know why my heart race and I have nightmares about it. I live by myself and nothing has ever happened in the house for the last two months that I live here. Except for the one room that I'm afraid to go into but that doesn't bother me anymore. Ok so I just looked up "how to know if your house is haunted?" And I have not experience any of the events that could possible occur in a haunting...Here is the thing that drives me crazy about the haunted movies. I understand that it is suppose to be scary but how come no one turns on a freaking light. Especially in a scary scene. For example there is a scene while one of the daughters is sleeping and her legged is tugged on. But yet she still sat there in the dark how can her sister sleep next to her in a different bed about 5 feet away and not be able to hear a thing. Then she wakes up her sister and she said that there is someone in the room with them and yet again no one turns on a light.

I'm scared watching The Conjuring yet I am riddle with questions is this because they want to come one with a 2nd movie like paranormal activities? Like why does the daughter Cindy get up at night and bang her head on the armoire and who is the freaky ghost that hangs out on top of the armoire and attack the older sister.

However, the Perron family is not the focus of the of the movies. This movie is suppose to be about the Warrens' and their profession as ghost hunters. Yet, there is still questions I'm feel like it hasn't been answers. Like how has their daughter Judith life has change after her first encounter with a paranormal attack. What did lorraine see when she did the exorcism. Is their daughter sensitive to spirits as well. Why did she see her daughter in the lake at the creepy ass house? Why does the tape recorder conveniently start again on its own? how is it that the sheets that Lorraine is drying flies up to the window the same window that the mother is sleeping in and sees something there to save her.  Why does the door slam shut cant ghost do it gently? Do they not know their strength or is it that they can't control it?  And why is it that demons have the strength of like a hundred men.  The can drag a person that is kicking and screaming and if someone tries to stop that person from being drag around they can throw that person across the room and still drag the other person by their hair that is just ridiculous.  Although I am a chicken shit, I watch a lot of ghost hunter on TV and they said that there are two types of haunting intelligent and residual which is ghost who don't know that they are dead and they keep repeating that point in their life.

In the true case of the Perrons...how can they continue living in the house for another 10 years... I know I can't continue to live in a house that
It strange that in the movie they made the Annabelle doll is 100 time scarier than the actual doll.

Ok..comparing horror movie to horror movie..in the exorcist the girl never spit up blood why does she throw up blood in the conjuring.  And why does the exorcist respond to catholic prayers and tradition what about other religions... just saying.  And how is it that a sheet can be ripped in half by the screams of a demon.. do I can even rip a sheet with a pair of scissors.  Also what is the purpose of levitating a chair and it flipping upside down it just doesn't make any sense and after she escape why is her eyes a bright yellow color like she was a demon from twilight.  And Bathsheba was a person a supposed witch why is her features so ugly.  And also it said that in real life she lived to an old age so was she ever really a witch that hung herself.  Again what is the purpose of throwing up blood?

In another perspective, do if I was the husband..I don't know if I can look at my wife the same after a possession.  I mean seriously, there are somethings in life that can never be unseen that is why I am afraid of scary movies.  I am afraid of seeing something that I can never be unseen again. However I digress again if I was the husband it will be a long while before I can look at my wife with amorous feeling.  Dude, I would be frighten to be alone in the same room with her doubting if she was actually herself or the demon..because that demon was hideous and she could kill you. Frightening.

Anyhow..since I started writing this post I think I am feeling much better and I can go to sleep now.  :)

November 29th, 2007

(no subject)

A couple of nights ago I had this dream... It was a really good dream. I haven't dreamed in a long time but this one I can't seem to really forget. There was no real flow or story. It jump from scene to scene but the last moment of the dream was so sweet. It made me feel all warm and cozy inside. I felt loved. I don't know. It's dumb... i guess... to say that when my dream wasn't even real. But the lingering feeling that I felt inside my dream carried over into to my awake self and I can't (don't want to)forget about it. I can't remember the people and I don't even know if it was myself in the dream or me watching someone else. However, the action and emotions that were in the dream felt like my own...

-----A.D.D. Moment----

Lately, I've been avoiding school and ignoring school work. I think I have a major case of senioritis I just hope that I don't end up failing any classes because that would totally suck ass hardcore. I really hoping to graduate this fall and be done. I really want a break.

Here is a quick summary of my year from what was predicted during the Chinese New Year:


Predictions: A reasonably good but demanding year. You will accept challenging workloads amidst high expectations about performance. With commitment and willingness to work hard; by showing patience and adapting to situations; by building up support and liaising with others, you can deliver. be on guard : there could be treachery brewing. Salaried employees will do better than business persons - with honorable promotions and below-average payment increments. Be on the lookout for back-stabbing because of internal office politic.

Results: Extremely accurate....


Predictions: Rise in income will also be supplemented by sudden and unexpected benefits from other sources. Some of you will earn extra monies by doing freelancing work involving your personal skills. You will also receive handsome profits from your earlier investments. Stay away from stock markets - you hardly have any gambling luck.

Results: "you hardly have any gambling luck" I guess that was a good thing that I didn't gambled in Vegas either.


Stress from workload and lack of peaceful sleep will be areas of concern. Some of you could also face problems related to the blood pressure, heart, eyes, allergies and digestive abnormalities.

Results: Omg... sleep.. yes.. I miss sleep.... I <3 sleep.


Good romantic luck for singles. An excellent year for courtship, engagement, marriage and child bearing.

Results: Dear Mr. 666, I would like to thank you for my singular existence...


Only your strong efforts with the guidance of your parents/guides can bring about good academic results. There are chances that you will get distracted, become arrogant and turn away your favouring mentors, thus spoiling your own success. Stay away from the bad gangs or you could be influenced by them into commiting wrong deeds. Some of you would win certificates for excellent performance in extracurricular activities.

Results: "There are chances that you will get distracted..." It's not a chance. It's a definite yes. I have to stop watching Dawson's Creek. OMG is that thing f-ing addicting.

So, most of the prediction for my year was and is accurate. Oh well, year is almost over and all I can do is deal.

September 2nd, 2007

Just another quiz

You Are a Martini

There's no other way to say it: you're a total lush.
You hold your liquor well, and you hold a lot of it!

oh yeah! Bring on the Appletini's!

(no subject)

Julie --

A lewd street performer

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Julie Le --

A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Should I be offended?!?! I'm a lewd street performer that has a questionable sanity who starts their own cult..... It's so close to being true it's scary...

December 19th, 2006

ranting bitchiness


Oh yea if you haven't figures it out.. I hate school and finals.

December 15th, 2006

Inside the bubble

Inside the bubble

The bubble is sound proof.
The bubble is pain free.
The bubble is a trap.

Blindness is inside.
Deafness is inside.
Emptiness is inside.

Outside is pain.
Outside is tears.
Outside is suffering.

Inside alone.
Inside silence.
Inside is my pain.

August 27th, 2005

Dude...It's been 8 months since I've written anything in LJ. It almost feels very nostalgic. *sigh* Some good memories and some bad. Eh, C'est la Vie Oui?! <--wtf? I have no idea where that random ass french came from. Anihow... I just feel like writing some things I've been doing the past month since there is nothing much else to talk about. La La La... well since coming back from AX nothing was really going on in the rest of July and after seeing Lisa in and out 24/7 for about 2 weeks seems a bit daunting but we were able to still be friends dispite the fact that it has been about a month and a half since we've last seen each other. Our parents are wondering if we were still friends. Haha! Yes, we are still friends but we've both been fairly busy. Lisa's been busy because of her sister, work, and her Nana site which has a shit load of promotions which means she has to constantly update her site and stuff.

Me well, I've been doing a month of partying, hanging out with old friends, and dating. Yes, you did read it correctly I've been dating.(I'll talk about that later) And I'm finally glad that last night was about the last of it. I don't think I can do another bout of partying next week. Today, I was actually suppose to go to a b-day party I'm so relieved that I didn't have to. I am freakin' wiped from clubbing last night. I went to 815 L and they had change their club hours to 10PM-4AM the people I was going with didn't know that so we got there at like 11PM holy shit we were early. The club didn't really start going until about 12. There was 5 girls and 6 guys that were in our group. I knew some of the guys because we went to the same highschool but they were Seniors and I was a Freshman then. When we got there we all started ordering drinks. I had a Long Island Ice Tea, Sex on the Beach, Shabolean(sp???)Pinapple, Patron with a chaser. After 2 hours of dancing and drinking and I started to feel sick. I had to stop dancing and stuff but that was fine with me because my hooker heels were killing me.

I was chilling out on the edge of the dance floor trying to drink some water and stop the room from spinning. There was this guy that was in our group well I didn't meet him until last night he was friends with my friend's cousin. I have no idea what his name was it was either Dang, Tang, Tien, or Dien..Like I said I wasn't totally all there so remembering people's name while under the influence is highly difficult. He was okay in the beginning but dude he got fairly annoying pretty quickly. It wasn't anything he said. Don't get me wrong he was a really nice guy but just alittle strange~ish. It was his actions that were getting annoying first of all dancing with him is okay and fine if you were a freakin' stripper pole. I almost fell on my face a few time dancing with him, I would playfully push him away a couple times to give him a hint that "dude back off" I tried only dancing with him with Lai as a buffer but everytime I would try to change directions so that Lai would end up dancing with him instead of me so that I wouldn't get knock over didn't f-ing work. And I have no understanding for his reasoning but he was so damn clingy to me. I tried to pond him off on other people and it just didn't work. I was talking to Lai about him when we were heading home and stuff. She noticed it too that he was stuck to me like glue. That was annoying. Second thing that annoyed me, Okay I know my friends like to poke me and stuff because I'm extremely ticklish but dude I don't have bruises from getting poked by them. He was constantly poking me I swear I have finger size bruises along my side and back. When Lai and I were heading home and we were talking about him. I said to her at least he didn't ask for my number. She responded by saying you should have given it to him anyways a fake or real number it wouldn't didn't matter. I wouldn't have been able to give him a fake number since it wouldn't be hard for him to get my number from Lai's cousin. Haha, I already made a mistake once of giving a stalker my real number and that wasn't fun there was no way I was going to repeat it. ~_~; Why do I seem to attract weird people?!?! Ugh.

All I have to say now overall partying, clubbing and whatever wasn't so bad. There was the occasional weirdos. I must say though my tolerance for liquor is much higher now. Yum Yum!! Don't worry I'm not an alcoholic.

Now, I'm just sitting here sore from dancing and just relaxing. Dude, I dread going up and down stairs I'm so freaking sore.

But in a quick glance this was the total of things that I realize this month.

1) I'm not an alcoholic.
2) Hooker Heels may be cute but they hurt like hell after 2 1/2 hours of dancing.
3) Drinks at clubs are cheap, if you can get someone else to buy. ^__~ Guy or Girl doesn't matter who's paying as long as I get a free drink right?

4)Don't ever dance with my friend's cousin Chai. He freakin' dance like he is on Speed.
5)Don't dance with his friend either. You'll fall on your face.
6)Don't try to break a girl on girl dancing. If your a girl you'll get sucker in and be dance with them. If your a guy you can't even make it in so don't even try.
7) Girls, when your dancing and a random guy trys to dance all up on you, just push them gently and they will eventually back off. Well most of the time it works.
8)Girl on Girl dancing is hot. Guy on guy is NOT.
9) If you think you can't dance and afraid to go on a dance floor. Get over it drink some booze and just remember everyone is too freaking drunk to notice.
10) Lastly, for me, dating can be fun as long as it does NOT lead to a more permanent relationship. What can I say when it comes down to it I still can't handle the commitment. XP

Well this is the last of it. Whew! What a long entry. Well I'll see you when I see you.

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